Appliance Power Consumption


Shortly before starting this website, I made myself a couple of basic power usage loggers (see DIY home power monitor) and have since been recording the power usage of various appliances to see exactly where our power goes.

All figures presented are based upon a minimum one-week of usage in a standard family household.

If you would like me to track down and monitor a certain appliance drop me a line.

ApplianceMakeYearHouseholdUnits (kWh) per Day$ per Day$ per Month$ per Year
Chorus ONT (fibre box)Alcatel2015TPG0.12$0.04$1.16$14
DishwasherWestinghouse WSF6602WR2015TPG1.01
Fridge / FreezerF&P 372L2010TPG1.55$0.48$14.61$175
Laser Printer (Wireless)Brother HL2270-DW2010TPG0.07$0.02$0.64$8
Consumption is based upon a measured usage for one-week (minimum) in a family household. Power price used of $0.2688 + GST (about 31 cents incl. GST). All pricing includes GST.