Gas Network Maps


The North Island reticulated natural gas network is made up of gas transmission network and regional gas distribution networks.

The transmission network is the high-pressure gas backbone, supplying natural gas from Taranaki to large industrial customers throughout the North Island and distribution networks.  The regional gas distribution networks in turn connect gas, at lower pressure, into individual homes and businesses.

The regional gas distribution networks in turn connect gas, at lower pressure, into individual homes and businesses.

Gas Transmission

First Gas operates the 2,200km First Gas transmission pipeline and the 300km Maui pipeline.

The gas transmission network was owned by Vector Gas until 2016 when ownership transferred to First Gas.  First Gas is a  subsidiary of First State Funds, part of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s group of companies.

The Maui pipeline was separately acquired by First Gas from an energy company consortium of Shell, Todd and OMV.

First Gas Transmission Network Map

The following map shows the layout of the gas transmission network and the Maui natural gas pipeline.

Gas Distribution

Vector Gas Network Map

Vector owns and operates the natural gas distribution network in the wider Auckland and Counties area.  The Vector gas network extends north of Auckland to the Whangaparoa peninsula and as far south as Drury and Pukekohe.

To visualise the Vector gas network area, the easiest way is to look at the large Auckland ‘gap’ on the First Gas networks on the map below.

To find out whether you can get a Vector Gas connection from your property, the best place to start is the Vector Gas Connection Estimator page.

If you are looking for more detail on where the gas network runs, then sign up to the Before U Dig service (it’s free) and request utility network plans.

First Gas Network Map

In additional to owning the transmission pipeline, First Gas also operates more than 4,800 km of gas distribution networks across the North Island.

First Gas Distribution Network

Powerco Gas Network Map

Powerco owns and operates both electricity and gas networks, with the areas covered shown within the network map below:

Powerco Gas Network Map


GasNet Network Map

Small locally-owned gas distribution company GasNet has a history going back to 1879.  The company is 100% owned by a subsidiary of the Whanganui District Council and supplies the following geographical areas:

GasNet Gas Network Map

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